The future of publishing, where do we stand?

The future, or even the present of publishing, magazines and books, is changing, and rapidly. This is obvious. Where we are going, if you are a content maker, should be of great interest. It is to me. There are two very interesting and related items I have come across recently. The first is Rob’s excellent post in aPhotoEditor about the agency VII publishing its own magazine. There is a lengthy video interview with Stephen Mayes at the end that I recommend watching. The second is an audio of Seth Godin talking about the future for book publishing, and will it go the way of the music industry, or will it come to its senses.

Basically, both discuss how the current models were created a hundred years ago and no longer work. VII is taking its destiny in its own hands by going directly to the people for whom their content most matters. Godin is advocating more or less the same thing. He goes on to say book publishers-the people who print books, get them into book stores, give advances-is a model that is broken in the age of Kindle, the iPad, and the internet. What I like about both of these is that a solution is offered, and that the solution can be wonderfully liberating to the content producer.

I can’t yet really connect all the dots here, but there is something related to in these two items that is fascinating, as in a keep me up all night pondering sort of way. It is the same sort of feeling had when the whole 5DII video thing arrived. I would be very grateful to anyone who takes the time to slog through these and send in your thoughts.

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